“The show is headed by the phenomenal effervescent and stunning actress Danni Smith who is as good as she’s ever been. Smith’s Queenie is ominously reminiscent of a distraught Marilyn Monroe just as her life was falling apart. Smith goes against what’s obvious in the text and doesn’t play up the vicious confident sexuality in her character. Instead she uses Queenie’s sexual ambition more as an emotional tool to fill a void for her own lack of self-worth.

There is a great deal of warmth in Smith’s Queenie and it offers us some surprising shades of vulnerability hidden underneath her layers of vanity. Early in the show Queenie sings about coming from a small town to Manhattan, and later that evening when Queenie becomes overwhelmed with emotions after a confrontation with Burrs we hear small traces of that small town girl accent re-emerge through the painful breaks in her voice. They’re small reminders of the happy girl she used to be.” -Justin LeClaire

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